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Enabling Cron Scans on your Website

WP ADA Compliance includes an option to scan your website using WordPress cron. Not only are cron scans a convenient way to locate issues on your website but they use

Elementor ADA Compliance

Elementor is a popular WordPress page builder plugin. It is not limited to page design only, but allows you to build your entire websites. Any part of a WordPress theme

WCAG 2.2 & Section 508 Compliance

The WP ADA Compliance Plugin evaluates content for Section 508, WCAG 2.2 Level A and AA Web Accessibility Standards.  For each issue that is detected, easy to follow instructions are

Adding Skip Links to a Website

A skip (navigation) link provides a way for users of assistive technology to skip what can often be many navigation links. This skip link should go right after the body tag, (it

Correcting Missing or Incorrectly Labeled Landmarks

Landmarks provide a way to identify the organization and structure of a web page. The structural information conveyed visually to users should be represented programmatically in the markup using landmark

Web Accessibility Widget

WP ADA Compliance Check plugin developed AlumniOnline Web Services LLC includes a public facing accessibility widget at no additional charge. Using a web accessibility widget will enhance the accessibility of

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