Compare Us to the Competition

We know that choosing the right web accessibility checker is an important decision and that it can be difficut to tell which solution is the best. We keep it simple, speak plainly and are upfront about what our software does and does not do. When comparing us to other solutions be sure to ask the following questions:

  1. How many error checks does your software include?
  2. Do you require an annual subscription?
  3. Does your software check the entire website, including theme files, shortcodes, widgets, archives, linked pages, media and PDF files?
  4. Does your software work with non-Wordpress websites?
  5. Does your software include a public facing web accessibility toolbar at no additional charge?
  6. Does your software correct issues automatically?
  7. What time saving features are included in your software?
  8. How often do you update your software?

The following features make our software the best web accessibility solution on the market:

WP ADA Compliance Check

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