Artificial Intelligence (AI) detects and corrects many issues automatically.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) built into the WP ADA Compliance Plugin detects and corrects many issue automatically, including:

  1. Notifies users when a link opens a new window, PDF documents or other non HTML content
  2. Converts absolute font sizes in content to relative sizes (% or ems)
  3. Removes empty link and heading tags in content
  4. Removes links from images that are linked to themselves
  5. Removes redundant alt text and title attributes
  6. Adds outline styles to all focusable elements restoring visible keyboard focus
  7. Adds role and tabindex attributes to elements with event handlers that are emulating links
  8. Adds aria-label attributes with post title to read more links in post archives
  9. Adds title attributes to iframe elements
  10. Removes phrases such as “image of” or “photo of” from image alt text
  11. Converts justified text to left or right aligned and removes option to justify text
  12. Adds missing language attributes to html tags
  13. Adds skip nav links to pages where they are missing
  14. Adds or corrects incorrect labeling of ARIA landmarks
  15. Remove auto play parameters from embedded audio or video
  16. Converts title attributes to aria-label on links and corrects accessibility issues with font awesome icons inside links
  17. Converts unlinked email addresses to mailto: links
  18. Adds “onkeypress” keyboard event handler to elements that include only mouse event handler such as onclick
  19. Removes inline styles that obscure or remove the outline from focusable elements
  20. Corrects radio groups and captcha fields in the Visual Form Builder plugin
  21. Corrects issues such as empty links and adjacent identical links created when using the Elementor icon or image box widgets
  22. Corrects accessibility issues created by the Elementor table of contents widget
  23. Corrects accessibility issues created by the Elementor toggle or accordion widgets
  24. Stops Autoplay on Elementor Image Carousel Widget
  25. Corrects accessibility issues created by theme or plugins modifying page anchor behavior such as those created by Elementor and OceanWP
  26. Adds aria-hidden=”true” to font awesome icons that do not include text, title or aria-labels
  27. Removes tabindex attributes that have been manually set (version 3.1.6)
  28. Corrects dialog links without a notice that they will open a dialog (version 3.1.6)
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