Category: HTML Validation Pro

What issues does the the HTML Validation Pro extension correct?

Converts obsolete align attributes to CSS equivalent (i.e… align=”center” becomes style=”text-align:center;”) Converts heading tags inside table headers to span with style attribute Converts obsolete attributes on images to CSS equivalent

How does the HTML Validation plugin work?

It sends the URL of your page or post to the API to verify that you have valid HTML code. The returned errors are stored in an easy to read report

How do I install the HTML Validation PRO Plugin?

Before installing HTML Validation Pro, install HTML Validation Basic Download the plugin zip file to your computer Login to your WordPress Website and choose “Plugins > Add New” from the

How do I enable the HTML Validation Pro filters?

From the dashboard menu choose HTML Validation > Settings Click on the “Content Filters (PRO)” tab Choose “Select All” under “Enable these options to automatically correct HTML validation issues” Choose

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