How do I get the HTML Validation Pro plugin to correct duplicate id attributes?

There are situations when plugins may unknowingly create duplicate id attributes in your pages. Do to the possibility of it breaking features on your website, this is not done automatically but an option is provided to deal with these issues. To configure ids that should be made unique:

  1. Go to HTML Validation > Settings
  2. Click on the “Content Filters” tab
  3. Scroll down the options list until you see the option labeled “HTML Element and ID”
  4. Start by typing the element/tag that includes the attribute to be removed, for example “div”
  5. Next type the bar symbol “|”
  6. Type the value of the ID attribute to be made unique
  7. Click “Add HTML Element and ID”
  8. Click “Save Changes”

Example Entry: svg|Layer_1

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