How do I set the HTML Validation Pro plugin to remove obsolete attributes?

Once the filters are enabled, the plugin will correct many obsolete attributes automatically but there may be some that still exists. For these instances we have included an option to configure your own attributes to be removed. Here is how:

  1. Go to HTML Validation > Settings
  2. Click on the “Content Filters” tab
  3. Scroll down the options list until you see the option labeled “HTML Element, ID and optional value”
  4. Start by typing the element/tag that includes the attribute to be removed, for example “div”
  5. Next type the bar symbol “|”
  6. Type the name of the attribute to be removed
  7. If all attributes on the particular div should be removed skip to step 10
  8. Type the bar symbol “|”
  9. Type the value of the attribute to be removed
  10. Click “Add HTML Element, ID and optional value”
  11. Click “Save Changes”

Example Entry: div|aria-label|form-title-1

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