What issues does the the HTML Validation Pro extension correct?

  • Converts obsolete align attributes to CSS equivalent (i.e… align=”center” becomes style=”text-align:center;”)
  • Converts heading tags inside table headers to span with style attribute
  • Converts obsolete attributes on images to CSS equivalent (i.e… border, hspace, vspace)
  • Converts obsolete attributes on tables and table cells to CSS equivalent (i.e… border, width, height)
  • Converts obsolete attributes on horizontal rule (hr) elements to CSS equivalent (i.e… width, size, color, noshade)
  • Removes content from between iframe tags, convert obsolete attributes on iframes to CSS equivalent (i.e… scrolling, frameborder) and replace incorrect values (i.e… width=”100%”)
  • Converts big elements to to span with style attribute
  • Converts center elements to span with style attribute
  • Removes unnecessary type, charset and language attributes from script and style elements
  • Removes unnecessary role attributes such as
  • Converts named anchors to span with id tag
  • Removes empty target attributes from anchor tags
  • Removes empty id attributes from html elements
  • Removes placeholder attributes from inappropriate html elements
    Moves incorrectly nested style elements to the head tag
  • Corrects invalid attributes on embed tags and remove unnecessary end tags.
  • Converts gallery shortcode tags to figure elements to resolve validation issues when caption is not included.
  • Corrects incorrect content values on meta elements set to “X-UA-Compatible”
  • Removes incorrect or obsolete attributes from the time element. (i.e… pubdate)
  • Corrects or removes obsolete attributes on video elements (i.e… loop=”1″).
  • Corrects or removes obsolete attributes on column elements (i.e… width=”153″).
  • Adds name and action values to form elements when value is set to empty.
  • Remove the size attribute from form inputs of non supported types
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