What WordPress improvements and time saving features are included?

In addition to the content filter system which corrects many common issues automatically, there are a variety of features included that will improve the accessibility of the content created using the WordPress editor, saving you time and money correcting these issues manually.

  1. Converts font size selector to relative sizes (% or ems)
  2. Modifies the color picker pallet to include more accessible color options and marks the colors that are not ADA compliant
  3. Converts justified text to left or right aligned and removes option to justify text
  4. Adds a format selector to easily mark table or image element as “Presentation Only”
  5. Adds a media library filter for missing and invalid alt text
  6. Stops WordPress from automatically linking images to themselves
  7. Allows aria-label attributes to be added to links without switching to html view
  8. Links provided to evaluate website content with WAVE (WAVE is maintained by WebAIM whom we are not affiliated with in anyway)
  9. Links are provided to evaluate website with the WC3 HTML validation services (This service is maintained by the WC3 whom we are not affiliated with in anyway)

Refer to our version comparison tool for a complete list of features.

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