What is WAVE and why should I use it?

While the WP ADA Compliance Plugin will identify most issues that will commonly occur on your website it should be used along with the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool and/or others tools to ensure complete compliance. Review of WCAG standards, use of screen reading software and some manual verification may also be required. The WAVE tool can be found as a link under the Web Accessibility heading on your WordPress dashboard. The WAVE tool may also be accessed from the page editor screen. Refer to the WordPress Editor Features section for details on where to find the WAVE feature in the page editor. Refer to the settings section to for information on how to enable or disable link to WAVE. Links to WAVE are provided for convenience only,  the WP ADA Compliance Plugin and AlumniOnline Web Services LLC are not affiliated with WAVE or WebAim in anyway. If for some reason the WAVE tool does not work on your website it is most likely because your web server is blocking the tool from viewing your website inside frames. Use your web browsers javascript console to confirm this and contact your host for assistance. Additional help can be found in the WAVE Help section.

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