What additional plugins are suggested?

HTML Validation Software

HTML code validation is an important part of ensuring ADA compliance of your website. All web pages must have complete start and end tags, be nested according to their specifications, not contain duplicate attributes, and IDs must be unique. To ensure ADA compliance, use our free html validation plugin to identify and correct validation errors in your pages.

Accessible Forms Plugin

Most online forms are not completely accessible to screen reader users. For this reason we offer the free Simple Accessible Form plugin to add the necessary features to make your forms accessible. It will add form field labels, required field markings, add form field validation and display screen reader friendly error message when a user navigates away from a field, moves focus to the first field in error in the event of a form submission failure.

TinyMCE Advanced

While not required to use the plugin it is advised that your website have several features turned on inside the Classic WordPress Editor, including tables, font size selection and the Format selector. These features may be enabled using a plugin called TinyMCE Advanced. There are other similar plugins that will provide the same features but TinyMCE Advanced has been thoroughly tested for compatibility with this plugin.

  1. After installing the TinyMCE Advanced plugin choose Settings > TinyMCE Advanced.
  2. In the “Unused Buttons” section drag the “Formats” button and place it in the desired location of your editor.
  3. Repeat this step for the “Font Sizes” option and “Tables’ option.
  4. Once complete, Choose “Save Changes”

Broken Link Plugin

There are several good broken link plugins. While we don’t recommend a particular one every website should use one to ensure all links are working correctly.

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