How do I install the web accessibility toolbar shortcode?

The widget toolbar is included as a link inside the web accessibility widget but may also be implemented using a shortcode. Before using the shortcode, visit the settings page, click on the Widget tab and enable the shortcode for use on the website. When the wp-ada-access-tools shortcode is placed on your website a button will be displayed. When the button is clicked the accessibility options toolbar will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

example: [wp-ada-access-tools]

shortcode example

Available Attributes:

icon: set to either an image url or font awesome 4 icon. (default: fa-universal-access)
class: to include a custom class for designing the button. (default: wp-ada-compliance-accessibility-widget-showtools)
text: displays visbile text after the icon. (default: none)
alttext: included in the aria-label for the button link. (default: Show Accessibility Tool Bar)

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