How can I add alternate text to links enclosing font-awesome icons?

Defining Custom Aria-Label Values for font-awesome Icons

Non image icons such as font awesome are frequently used inside links without link text. Either a title or aria-label attribute must be used to provide alternate text. The WP ADA Compliance plugin will add aria-label attributes to these links when possible. Conversion will take place based on settings defined under Web Accessibility > Settings.  To define font-awesome conversions enter a list of icons to convert. Place each icon on a new line. Begin with the icon class “fa-open” followed by an equal sign “=” and then the alternate text “Screen Reader Text”. An example is provided below. Note: links with the class no-title-convert will not be converted. 

Define Font awesome link conversion example

For example: 


When encountered 

<a href="#" ><i class="fa fa-close"></i></a> 


<a href="#" aria-label="Close"><i class="fa fa-close"></i></a>
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