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WP Web Accessibility refers to WordPress Website Accessibility. WordPress is an open source content management system. WP Web or WordPress is designed with accessibility in mind but in order for a WordPress website to be truly accessible, website developers must select the right theme and WordPress plugins.  WordPress users and the WordPress community as a whole are beginning to embrace WP Web Accessibility but many plugins are still not accessible to screen reader users. WordPress experts must carefully review each plugin used on their website to ensure that it generates accessible content. WP Website owners and administrators must ensure that WordPress themes and plugins are kept up to date with the most recent version and that periodic reviews are conducted to ensure continued WP Web Accessibility compliance.

The WP ADA Compliance Check plugin is one of the many WP web accessibility compliance tools that may be used to conduct periodic reviews of your WordPress site. WP ADA Compliance Check comes in two versions, a basic, free version which is good for small sites, maintained by web developers experienced in the use of design tools and ADA compliance. It is limited to 15 posts or pages, checks content in the WordPress website builder and includes 50 error checks. A pro version is also available with many time saving features, that includes more than 80 error checks and automatically corrects more than 27 error types.

WP ADA Compliance Check Online is our hosted subscription service that may be used to evaluate your blog or domain for WP Web Accessibility issues. ADA compliance scans can be resource intensive and use of our WordPress plugin may not  be practical on some free domains and basic web hosting accounts. WP ADA Compliance online allows you to check any website regardless of the managed WordPress hosting environment, domain name, bandwidth allowance, data transfer limits and per month costs.

We offer unlimited email support and live chat to customers using our subscription services. We continually update our software to enhance performance and ensure the security of our software.

Learn more about our services at WPADACompliance.com.

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