Version Comparison

Feature Free Paid
Enforces WCAG 2.1 Level A and AA and Section 508 Web Accessibility Standards Yes Yes
Number of error checks 52 78
Limits on website scans 15 pages or posts Unlimited
Scans content while using the page editor screen Yes Yes
Scans the entire website including posts, pages, custom post types, theme files, widgets, shortcodes, custom fields, term descriptions, menus, excerpts, archives, embedded iframes, PDF files, css files and even linked pages that are not in WordPress. No, scans only post or page content. Yes  
Includes detailed error report Yes Yes
Includes executive summary report No Yes
Reports can be emailed or printed Yes Yes
Reports can be exported to Excel spreadsheet No Yes
Reports may be filtered and searched by post type, keyword, and/or error type Yes Yes
Reports may be filtered by severity of error i.e…Warning vs Alert No Yes
Reports include references and easy to follow instructions Yes Yes
Administrators can choose the rules to enforce during scans Yes Yes
Administrators can control what issues are automatically filtered/corrected No Yes
Stops WordPress from automatically linking images to themselves No Yes
Removes links from images that are linked to themselves No Yes
Allows aria-label attributes to be added to links without switching to html view No Yes
Links provided to evaluate website content with WAVE (WAVE is maintained by WebAIM whom we are not affiliated with in anyway) Yes Yes
Links are provided to evaluate website with the WC3 HTML validation services (This service is maintained by the WC3 whom we are not affiliated with in anyway) Yes Yes
Converts font size selector to relative sizes (% or ems) No Yes
Adds outline styles to all focusable elements restoring visible keyboard focus  No Yes
Adds role and tabindex attributes to elements with event handlers that are emulating links No Yes
Converts absolute font sizes in existing content to relative sizes (% or ems) No Yes
Removes empty link and heading tags in existing content No Yes
Removes redundant alt text and title attributes No Yes
Adds aria-label attributes with post title to read more links in post archives No Yes
Removes target attributes or adds “opens in new window” notice to links set to open in a new window No Yes
Adds title attributes to iframe elements No Yes
Removes phrases such as “image of” or “photo of” from image alt text No Yes
Adds a media library filter for missing and invalid alt text No Yes
Modifies the color picker pallet to include more accessible color options and marks the colors that are not ADA compliant No Yes
Converts justified text to left or right aligned and removes option to justify text No Yes
Adds a format selector to easily mark table or image element as “Presentation Only” No Yes
Adds missing language attributes to html tags No Yes
Indentifies and corrects missing skip nav links No Yes
Remove auto play parameters from embedded audio or video No  Yes
Continuously monitors content for issues and sends email notifications when issues are found No Yes
Content can be removed from future scans No Yes
Converts title attributes to aria-label on links and corrects accessibility issues with font awesome icons inside links No Yes
Plugin settings can be set on all sub-sites of a multi-site network from the network admin screen No Yes
Converts unlinked email addresses to mailto: links No Yes
Option to white label the plugin by including company logo and links on report pages and public facing accessibility widget No Yes
Includes a widget with compliance policy, reporting capabilities and toolbar to enhance the accessibility of the website. Tool bar options include:
  • option to increase text size and letter spacing
  • option to highlight headings, links and buttons
  • option to increase the size of the cursor
  • option to image alt text and aria-labels as tool tips
  • option to change color contrast of website pages
  • option to enable keyboard navigation
  • option to stop animations
  • option to adjust font family
 No Yes
Adds “onkeypress” keyboard event handler to elements that include only mouse event handler such as onclick No Yes
Adds a small icon or hover notice to PDF and other non HTML links to avoid confusion when document opens in an external application No Yes
Integrates with the FREE HTML Validation plugin to display validation issues that are ADA compliance violations No Yes
Removes inline styles that obscure or remove visual focus from focusable elements (a, button, etc…) No Yes
Corrects radio groups and captcha fields in the Visual Form Builder plugin No Yes
Corrects issues such as empty links and adjacent indentical links created when using the Elementor icon or image box widgets No Yes
Corrects accessibility issues created by the Elementor table of contents widget No Yes
Identifies and corrects missing or incorrectly labeled ARIA landmarks No Yes
Stops autoplay on the Elementor Image Carousel widgets No Yes
Corrects accessibility issues created by theme or plugins modifying page anchor behavior such as those created by Elementor and OceanWP No Yes
Adds aria-hidden=”true” to font awesome icons that do not include text, title or aria-labels No Yes
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