If I correct all the issues listed in WP ADA Compliance will my website be completely compliant?

WP ADA Compliance will identify many issues that would commonly occur on your website but it should be used along with the WAVE Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool and/or others tools to ensure complete compliance. Review of WC3 standards and some manual verification is required to ensure compliance. Review a list of issues that WP ADA Compliance will identify.

Continue reading to learn how to use WP ADA Compliance as part of an overall plan of ADA compliance.

The Web Accessibility requirements continue to evolve and to date not all issues can be identified without manual intervention. For this reason, being 100% accessible is difficult. Focus on continuous improvement. Make a plan, take steps to comply and offer an option for users to request assistance if needed.

We suggest the following:

  1. conduct a full scan of your website using WP ADA Compliance and correct current issues on your website.
  2. if using the WP ADA Compliance Check Plugin, enable automatic scans and notifications under plugin settings and correct new issues as they occur. The plugin will also scan posts as they are saved, prompting your users to correct issues as they occur.
  3. use the WAVE tool by WebAim or associated Chrome plugin to further evaluate your website content, especially the color contrast issues.
  4. validate the HTML of your web pages using the FREE HTML Validation plugin or the WC3 HTML validation service.
  5. install a link checking plugin and correct any broken links.
  6. automated tools can not identify everything, at this point you may find it necessary to identify a Web Developer who is experienced in Web Accessibility.
  7. review the WCAG standards so you are aware of the issues.
  8. complete the manual checks identified under Web Accessibility dashboard menu on your website.
  9.  evaluate your website against the WCAG standards and correct any issues.
  10. install the free NVDA screen reader and browse your website.
  11. if using the WP ADA Compliance Check Plugin, enable the web accessibility widget. The widget provides tools, such as font size increase, which your website users may use to increase the accessibility of your website. It also provides a means to implement the next two steps.
  12. draft an ada compliance policy and publish it on your website. This will make it clear to your users that you care about Web Accessibility and that you are working to comply with the requirements.
  13. provide an ada compliant online form, email address or phone number for users to report issues that they may encounter.
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