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The WP ADA Compliance Check plugin, developed by AlumniOnline Web Services LLC is the most comprehensive ADA compliance plugin available. Trusted by thousands of small business, government and educational institution websites to comply with Section 508 and WCAG 2.2 LEVEL A/AA Web Accessibility Standards.

WP ADA Compliance Check includes 82 individual ADA compliance error checks, far more than comparable solutions. It evaluates content for issues anywhere on your website. It integrates seamlessly into your workflow, evaluating your website for Web Accessibility issues when content is published or you can run a complete scan of your website to identify issues in all of your content. Accessibility reports provide references and easy to follow instructions. No other plugin is as comprehensive or easy to use.

A Quick look at the features of our ADA Compliance plugin:

  • The most comprehensive web accessibility plugin available
  • Evaluates websites against WCAG 2.2 Level A, AA and Section 508 standards
  • Includes an online web accessibility checker and WordPress plugin options
  • May be used on any website
  • Includes accessibility widget to enhance the accessibility of the website
  • Includes many WordPress improvements and time saving features
  • Checks the entire website for web accessibility issues
  • Finds and displays exact code and location
  • Includes issue summary and easy to read reports

30 day satisfaction guarantee, more than 4,000 users of our basic plugin and over 2,600 active installs of our full version with a 5 star rating on

Learn more about our ADA Compliance Plugin.

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